Veronika Zakar

Manager and Co-Owner

"Hospitality has always been a part of my family. I grew up in a restaurant where people loved to spend their time. It never felt like my parents were at work. Rather, it felt like they were hosting, and it brought them joy.

I began my career in hospitality at a very young age, assisting my parents at the restaurant as a teenager. The experience grew into a passion for management that I have developed in the world of hospitality establishments. I have worked at management level for hotels and restaurants in France, Athens, Budapest and Dublin. The knowledge that I have built up through my work experience as well as  the passion that I have fostered since childhood founded the basis for this business venture. It is with an indescribable feeling of pride and privilege that I wish to use my knowledge, experience and personal hosting skills to provide excellence for our Guests."

zsolt zakar

Head Chef and Co-Owner

"I have devoted the last sixteen years of my life to creating dishes and getting myself acquainted with a variety of special ingredients. I have had the privilege to work alongside and learn from amazing chefs and am able to now pour that experience and knowledge into a passion of my own, creating truly authentic food. Opening Lobstar is an absolute dream come true.

Quality food has always been my passion. I cook entire new worlds for my Guests. Lobstar is a complex and complete experience composed of carefully selected ingredients such as divine wines, fresh seafood and love.

The best way to truly introduce myself as a chef is to serve you my food. Just relax and enjoy it!"